Thank You

What’s on my mind? Gratitude. Plain and simple. To my wife Yangson for her love and support. To Jack Stansbery for guidance and level headed advice. To Maggie Baker, Helena Holladay, James Foster, thanks!

I will continue to try, to keep up with the enormous outpouring of congratulations through likes, comments, shares, emails, IM’s, knocks at the door, phone calls, voice mails, telegraphs, drum beats and smoke signals (well, there MIGHT be…)

Special thanks for congratulatory messages from Mike Coffman, Nancy Sharpe, Rod Bockenfeld, Dave Walcher, and Nancy Jackson. If I didn’t respond to you, hang in there, I will. So many people are to be thanked so sorry for the length of this message.

My opponent Janet Lee Cook called me this morning to offer her congratulations on my win and (not unexpectedly,) her vow to help me in the future. She is a class act. I will value her opinion on all things Arapahoe County.

I now know why Thanksgiving follows so closely after Election Day. Thank you to Steve House and all the Colorado GOP Organization including Jefferson Thomas; Arapahoe County GOP including Joy Hoffman, H J Jay Ledbetter, Jamie Wollman, Andi Allott, Pam Cirbo, Bob Miles, Myron Spanier, John Lyons, Julie Wafer, Roger & Kathleen Chandler, CCRW Members, REAP members, ACRBC Members, Jack Tate, Richard and Jeanette Bowman, Sebastian Chunn, James F Woodley, Ann & Roy Messmore, Jim & Evie Ashmore, James & Rosabel Harrington, David Schlatter, the Hardings, Andrew Lloyd Peth & Cori Dayton Peth, Cole Wist, Aurora Ogg, JD Key, Peg Sale, Doug Claussen, Bob LeGare, Robert C Roth, Jake Zambrano, Charles Gardner, Chrissy Estes Faraci, Pastor Chun and the Young Nak Church members, Chris Morgan, Dick Hawes, Michael Suoo, Ken Morris, District Captains, Precinct Leaders, and many, many others I risk not specifically mentioning.

I remain at your service.



Why I Am Running

I have spent most of my life dedicated to public service. Whether it was during 17 years as a Military Police Officer, including a tour in Desert Storm, or working for County Human Services, I have always put others first.  Now I want to lend my time and talents to Arapahoe County as a Commissioner.

I am a Denver native who has lived in Arapahoe County for 24 years.  I am a retired US Army military police officer and currently am the County Manager of Facility and Property Operations.  In addition to my current duties dealing with capital improvement projects and appropriations, my career in county government previously included working in Human Services.  I also teach Crime Scene Investigation at the Community College of Aurora Police Academy.

What does all of this mean?

I know the county backward and forward.  I knows how the wheels of government work but, more importantly, I appreciate how they affect residents on a day-to-day basis.  I understand that my neighbors in Arapahoe County want to know that they are safe, that they can get from point A to point B without insane traffic congestion, and that growth within the county will be handled responsibly.  I know that government must be responsive to its citizens.

Local government is the government made up of neighbors, closest to its citizens.  Local government should set an example for higher government.  This election will likely determine the direction our county takes for the next decade.

Please vote!

I humbly ask for your vote this fall of 2016.  Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions, concerns, etc. that you may have about my campaign or about the county itself.  I am excited to serve you as a County Commissioner!

Commissioner Jeff Baker

Serving District 3

Jeff Baker is serving his first term as commissioner representing District 3, which includes portions of the cities of Centennial and Aurora, the Town of Foxfield, the towns of Bennett and Deer Trail and unincorporated eastern Arapahoe County.

As commissioner, Jeff oversees the Information Technology and and Public Works and Development departments. He was sworn into office Jan. 9, 2017. His current term expires January 2021. He serves on the County’s Information Technology Steering Committee.

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