**Aurora Police Association endorses
Jeff Baker for County Commissioner**

Jeff Baker best bet for Arapahoe County commissioner  The I-70 Scout

Small Business Owners

William Bennett, Korea House Restaurant

Sebastian Chunn,  Acur Business Solutions &
Colorado Panthers Minor League Football

Joe Kim, Dae Gee Korean BBQ Restaurants

Laurie Glick, Glick Housecleaning Service

Hongyeol Han, Buckley Dry Cleaners

Kisoo Jung, U.S. Tae Kwon Do Center

Kyong Kim, CiTi Design Consulting, Inc.

Sarah Levin, Lustrous Cleaning, LLC

Randy Miller, Pentad Associates, Inc. & Scooterville Farms

David Schlatter,  David M. Schlatter Commercial Real Estate


Public Officials

Jack Tate, State Senate District 27

Kathleen Conti, State House District 38

Cole Wist, State House District 37

Rod Bockenfeld, Arapahoe County Commissioner, District 3

Nancy Doty, Arapahoe County Commissioner, District 1

Nancy Sharpe, Arapahoe County Commissioner, District 2

Corbin Sakdol, Arapahoe County Assessor

Sue Sandstrom, Arapahoe County Treasurer

Francoise Bergan, Aurora City Council

Marcia Berzins, Aurora City Council

Bob Legare, Aurora City Council

Bob Roth, Aurora City Council

Dave Walcher, Arapahoe County Sheriff

Kelly Lear Kaul, Arapahoe County Coroner

Rich Sokol, Treasurer, South Metro Fire Rescue Board of Directors

Ronald Perea, Career Services Manager, Arapahoe/Douglas Works!

Ryan Frazier, Former Aurora City Council Member

Darvin HarrellTown of Bennett, Member, Board of Trustees

What They’re Saying…

Rod Bockenfeld (Arapahoe County Commissioner) “Please join me in supporting Jeff Baker for Arapahoe County Commissioner in District 3.  I can attest to his honesty, integrity, experience and qualifications which make him the best choice for this position.  Jeff will flat-out get things done.  He will not get comfortable or complacent and promises to communicate at a high level of frequency.  This is a man of his word who will work hard for each and every person who lives in or operates a business in this community.”   

Dave Walcher (Arapahoe County Sheriff) “Jeff Baker has served our country in the military and served Arapahoe County to the benefit of every citizen.  He is educated on the issues, engaged and enthusiastic about being a County Commissioner.  I certainly support Jeff for Arapahoe County Commissioner!”

Sarah Levin (Lustrous Cleaning, LLC) “I have known Jeff for years.  He has always had small businesses in mind when he makes a decision that will affect others. I am excited about Jeff’s campaign and I look forward to him representing us on the Board of County Commissioners!”

Jack Tate (State Senate District 27) “Jeff Baker is immensely qualified to represent the citizens of Arapahoe County District 3.  He has the knowledge and experience needed to understand complex issues and immediately begin considering relevant factors in making ethical, common sense decisions.  He cares about the quality of life for citizens and will work to strengthen businesses located in Arapahoe County.”

Ryan Frazier (Former Aurora City Council Member) “I am honored to endorse Jeff Baker in his race for Arapahoe County Commissioner in District 3.  As a fellow veteran, a fiscal conservative and a long-time Arapahoe County employee, Jeff will be an asset to the citizens and businesses of Arapahoe County by continuing the long tradition of the Board of County Commissioners of making smart budget and tax decisions.  His prior experience in law enforcement, particularly in the City of Aurora, will allow him to work exceptionally well with the Sheriff and all of the various community police agencies.  Please vote for Jeff Baker in the upcoming general election.”

David Schlatter (David M. Schlatter Commercial Real Estate) “Support Jeff Baker for Arapahoe County Commissioner in District 3. Small businesses have a friend in this first-time candidate. He will be an advocate for efficient, timely response to business concerns and common-sense changes to reduce red tape.”

Nancy Sharpe (Arapahoe County Commissioner) “I have been a mayor and now serve as an Arapahoe County Commissioner.  Having served in these roles, I can say unequivocally that Jeff Baker is the best candidate for Arapahoe County Commissioner.  He possesses the skill and leadership for the office and will fairly represent the county.  I am excited to endorse Jeff Baker for Arapahoe County Commissioner!”

Darvin Harrell (Town of Bennett, Member, Board of Trustees) “I have known Jeff many years. He works hard and is dedicated to each of his endeavors, yet still finds time to listen to the public about their concerns. As a Crime Scene Investigator myself and a member of the Town of Bennett Board of Trustees, I have worked with many people, and I believe that Mr. Jeff Baker has the qualifications and the integrity to be a great county commissioner.”

Cole Wist (State House District 37) “The key to effective leadership is listening.  Jeff Baker personifies this principle.  Jeff will listen to us, and he will reflect our values.  We need Jeff Baker as our next County Commissioner.”

Corbin Sakdol (Arapahoe County Assessor) “Having been an employee of Arapahoe County for almost 18 years, Jeff Baker will make a great County Commissioner.  It is no wonder he uses the motto: “There’s no substitute for experience!” He is committed to keeping our property tax mil levy low and will represent the citizens of Arapahoe County well.”

Ronald Perea (Career Services Manager, Arapahoe/Douglas Works!)  “Jeff Baker understands how important good jobs and thriving businesses are to our economy.  He has served Arapahoe County well for many years and will continue to do so as the next County Commissioner representing District three.”